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This semester, I am a head TA for CS 70 with Professor Satish Rao.
My discussion sections are Wednesdays and Fridays 10-11AM on Zoom (Section 2), and my office hours are Wednesdays 9-10AM and Thursdays 2-3PM on oh.eecs70.org.

Discussion Notes

For every discussion, I've created recap sheets which serve as short summaries of the most important topics being discussed, as well as some tips that I've gathered which are useful to know. Students in the past have told me they would find such a resource useful, so this is my attempt at fulfilling that need. My philosophy is to think of them as takeaways or the main ideas behind the notes/discussions; they can't replace the act of working through the notes or discussion problems, but they're useful to read before and/or after to understand the big concepts. For more sheets of a similar flavor, check out Alvin Wan's crib sheets. I try to update these by EOD of each discussion.
  • August 27th: Discussion 0, Sets and Propositional Logic.
  • September 2nd: Discussion 1A, Proofs [Slides]
  • September 4th: Discussion 1B, Induction [Slides]
  • September 9th: Discussion 2A, Stable Matching [Slides]
  • September 11th: Discussion 2B, Graph Theory I [Slides]
  • September 16th: Discussion 3A, Graph Theory II [Slides]
  • September 18th: Discussion 3B, Modular Arithmetic [Slides]
  • September 23th: Discussion 4A, Modular Arithmetic [Slides]
  • September 25th: Discussion 4B, RSA [Slides]
  • September 30th: Discussion 5A, Polynomials, Secret Sharing [Slides]
  • October 2nd: Discussion 5B, Error Correcting Codes [Slides]
  • October 7th: Discussion 6A, Counting I [Slides]
  • October 9th: Discussion 6B, Counting II [Slides]
  • October 21st: Discussion 8A, Countability [Slides]
  • October 23rd: Discussion 8B, Countability and the Halting Problem [Slides]
  • October 28th: Discussion 9A, Intro to Probability [Slides]
  • October 30th: Discussion 9B, Conditional Probability [Slides]
  • November 4th: Discussion 10A, Conditional Probability [Slides]
  • November 6th: Discussion 10B, Intro to Random Variables I [Slides]
  • November 13th: Discussion 11B, Variance [Slides]
  • November 18th: Discussion 12A, Tail Bounds [Slides]
  • November 20th: Discussion 12B, Applications [Slides]
  • December 2nd: Discussion 14A, Continuous Probability [Slides]
  • December 4th: Discussion 14B, Markov Chains [Slides]
  • December 9th: RRR Review Discussion, Miscellaneous [Slides]


Here are some handouts I've written on various CS 70 topics.


Let me know how I'm doing! Feel free to give anonymous feedback here.