Tyler Zhu Personal Website computer science, mathematics, and machine learning.


Hey there! I'm Tyler, a 4th-year EECS undergraduate at the University of California, Berkeley. Broadly, my main interests are mathematics and computer science. I enjoyed math and CS competitions in high school, and I love learning about theory, but focus mainly on machine learning for research.

I am broadly interested in creating intelligent and trustworthy systems that can interact and reason about our world. Specifically, my goal is to build vision systems that are efficient and robust, and investigate their underpinnings to make them more semantically meaningful. Currently, I am working in autonomous driving applications, working on improving monocular depth estimation techniques with Alvin Wan in Joey Gonzalez's group in RISE Lab.

Aside from academics, I play guitar and basketball (huge Giants and Warriors fan, not a bandwagon btw), and I also enjoy music, food, and coffee to an unusual extent. If you're equally interested in any of the above, let's chat! My email is tyler [dot] zhu [at] berkeley [dot] edu.

You can find some various things that I work on around my website. Below are my coursework and some course notes I've taken, as well as some teaching resources I've made over the years. There's also my personal blog, which I'll start writing in... one day.


Here's an abridged summary of the classes I have taken. Some of them have links to additional resources that I've created. The notes are written in LaTeX and live during lecture, so they may contain many errors. I try my best to correct them after the fact. My setup is inspired by that of Evan Chen's. You can find some of them in my public course notes repository.

Spring 2022

  • CS 182: Designing, Visualizing and Understanding Deep Neural Networks
  • CS 184: Computer Graphics

Fall 2021

Spring 2021

Fall 2020

  • CS 294-165: Sketching Algorithms
  • Math 104: Real Analysis
  • Math 250A: Groups, Rings, and Fields

Spring 2020

Fall 2019

  • CS 61C: Great Ideas of Computer Architecture
  • CS 189: Introduction to Machine Learning

Spring 2019

Fall 2018


Jan 2021 - Present Researching Improved Depth Estimation with Alvin Wan @ RISE Lab
Jun 2020 - Aug 2020 Trading Intern @ Citadel Securities
Feb 2020 - June 2020 Researching Adversarial Image Robustness with Dan Hendryks @ BAIR
May 2019 - Aug 2019 Software Engineering Intern @ Google
Sep. 2018 - May 2019 Researching Efficient CV Techniques with Alvin Wan @ RISE Lab