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This semester, I am a TA for CS 70 with Professors Babak Ayazifar and Anant Sahai.
My discussion sections are Wednesdays and Fridays 2-3PM in Dwinelle 105, and my office hours are on Fridays 4-5PM in Soda Alcove 347.

Discussion Notes

Something new I'm trying this semester is to create recap sheets for each note/discussion that serve as short summaries of the most important topics being discussed. This idea is inspired (with much appreciation) from Alvin Wan. I'll try to update them by EOD of each discussion.


Here are some handouts I've written on various CS 70 topics.
  • Discussion 0A Slides: My slides discussing an overview of CS 70 and detailing some useful resources.


Let me know how I'm doing! Feel free to give anonymous feedback here.