Tyler Zhu Personal Website computer science, mathematics, and machine learning.
This semester, I am a TA for CS 70 with Professors Alistair Sinclair and Yun S. Song.
My discussion sections are Mondays and Wednesdays 12 - 1PM in Soda 310, and my office hours are on Fridays 11AM - 12PM in Soda 326.

Discussion Notes

Here are some short notes on my discussions.
  • September 4th: Discussion 1, Propositional Logic.
  • September 9th: Consolidation 1, Propositional Logic and Proofs.
  • September 11th: Discussion 2, Induction and Stable Marriage.
  • September 16th: Consolidation 2, Stable Marriage.
  • September 18th: Discussion 3, Graphs.


Here are some handouts I've written on various CS 70 topics.


Let me know how I'm doing! Feel free to give anonymous feedback here.