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This semester, I am a Reader for CS 174, Combinatorics and Discrete Probability, with Professor Yun Song.
My discussion sections are tbd.

Discussion Notes

For every discussion, I've created recap sheets which serve as short summaries of the most important topics being discussed, as well as some tips that I've gathered which are useful to know.


Here are some handouts I've written on various relevant topics.
  • Balls and Boxes: A short, detailed note on the ways to use the Balls and Boxes counting method as well as its different applications.
  • Hard Counting Problems: See title. Some extra counting practice. Counting is a misnomer, more of general combinatorics.
  • Central Limit Theorem: Intuitive explanation of CLT and why it has to be true.


Let me know how I'm doing! Feel free to give anonymous feedback here.